Farhad Rahimi

Farhad Rahimi

Ph.D. student of computer software engineering

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Who am i?

I am Ph.D. student of computer software engineering, I love programming and software design and system analysis , And an expert in programming and software design and development. I am fluent in programming languages.I am innovative and motivated software programmer and have a strong interdisciplinary expertise in the field of analyzing, designing and leading software projects.

I am capable of providing scalable and robust software and data solutions for real world problem solving. My main skills and interests:
• Improving quality of software systems via test engineering.
• Improving performance of software systems via performance engineering.
• Improving security and safety of software systems via security engineering.
• Developing software systems under Java platform and .Net platform and Android Platform.
• Researching in computer science and its applications in software engineering and testing area.
• Developing the company website and updating the used methodologies
• Supporting the site database and application web
• Investigating, analyzing and fixing the database problems and also redesign of relation table
• Conducting various reports through internal database and National Network and also switching between bank
• Checking the problems of POS devices and updating POS devices software
• Monitoring POS devices, investigating and solving the problems of Credit Cards of the company using CMS software
• Increasing the website visitors with standardization, optimization and analysis of the web-based software of the company


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Full stack
Big Data
Data Scientist
analysis data
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